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East Fife and St Andrews in particular is the Home of Golf. Crail has the 7th oldest club - 5 minutes drive from the Posthouse - and north east Fife has probably the biggest concentration of golf in the world courses in the world…….

Prices are reasonable on the less well known courses, quieter - and still excellent to play on - early and late in the year. Being at the sea, we get almost no snow although ocacsionally the ground freezes in the winter (not good for getting a tee in but your drive will bounce a long way!)

The nearest courses are -

  • Crail Golfing Society (Balcomie) (2 courses)

  • Kingsbarns Golf Links (2 courses)


St Andrews area has around 8 includng the Old Course (yes if you book ahead you can play on it) and there area a number of other courses within a 15 mile radius.

For a less challenging, lower key round, do try the 9 hole course at Anstruther.

& Marysia Nash 07969 664273 

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